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"Finally, an agency able to make facebook and instagram lead generation work for my gym".

What do you get

More sales

Targeted marketing gives you a constant influx of new leads and sales, filling your gym with new members eager to test your training method.

Increased customer loyalty

Digital marketing campaigns keep your brand and their fitness routine in your gym members’ minds.

Only focus on growing your gym

While we take care of your marketing, you can focus on growing your business, opening up new gyms and improving your sales process.

How do we get you leads and clients that trust you?

1. Social Media + Mobile

Your potential clients’ attention is, probably for more than an hour each and every day, on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, but also e. g. youtube. We direct your target’s eyeballs on your brand and your offer.

2. Google

Your potential clients search for available gyms in their area. Ranking on top for your main key phrases is essential, which is why SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for your gym, so that your future clients can find you.

3. Consistency

Month after month we re-work your campaigns, constantly improving your results and refreshing your message. Consistent execution of segmented campaigns trumps all other theories.




Years of experience

No strings attached

Our main goal is getting you results, which is why we do not require customers to sign for more than one campaign or month at a given time.

Our best customers have been working with us for more than 8 years, renewing month after month, campaign after campaign.

Success guaranteed

We carefully select the gyms we work with, through our 15 minute evaluation call you can schedule at the bottom of this page.

Our campaigns, on average, get around 300-400% ROI (return on investment), and have never yielded less than 200% ROI. 

If we decide that your gym is a great fit for our acquisition system, we’ll happily do whatever it takes to get you there without extra agency fees.

Frequently asked questions

I want to grow my gym, how do we start?

The first step is to arrange a free, 15 minute evaluation call to find out if we are the best fit for you to grow your gym.

If that’s the case, our client acquisition procedure will be working on an initial local landscape analysis, search engine optimization status and accounts setup (you need a facebook ads account and a google ads account) to get started, while asking you to send us photos and videos of your gym, and for permissions to set up ad accounts in your name (you’ll have total ownership of your accounts).

My gym is rather small, does your 3-steps approach make sense?

Das 3-steps system should generally be a good fit for gyms on from about 300 paying members per month. This minimum figure might be a bit lower if you’re running a gym in the upper price segment. In any case, we can certainly clarify this in our free 15 minute evaluation call.

I currently do not have a website

If you currently do not have your own website, we’ll be happy to create a landing page (single page website) for you that will give the main facts about your gym, explain the offer, and contain a feedback form to register.

I have an e-mail list, can I use this?

Despite social media getting more and more important, e-mail is still one of the main communication channels. If you already have an existing database of e-mail addresses, we will happily include this aspect into your particular strategy. If you do not have any existing e-mail lists, our campaign will be the first step towards creating this essential asset for your business.

How much are the costs to run a campaign?

Our fees are adapted towards the respective requirements of your campaign. In general, agency fees start at 900 USD per month + ad spend, and, on average, get a return on investment of about 300-400%

How long do I have to sign up for?

At solicom there are contractual bindings, our clients renew month after month, campaign after campaign, if they are happy with the results. This way, we managed to have clients that have been staying with us for more than 8 years in a row, month after month, appreciating new leads and clients on a constant basis.

We bring in your clients, while you focus on growing your business.



Years of experience

With solicom you have found the ideal partner to grow your business and your brand. Gert Mellak

Founder and CEO, Solicom Marketing

With solicom you have found the ideal partner to grow your business and your brand. Gert Mellak

Founder and CEO, Solicom Marketing

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